Chronic homelessness in Melbourne: third-year outcomes of Journey to Social Inclusion Phase 2 study participants

Homelessness Social inclusion Community-based social services Melbourne Metropolitan Area

Sacred Heart Mission (SHM)’s Journey to Social Inclusion (J2SI) Phase 2 program began in January 2016 and ended in September 2019. Building on the strong housing outcomes of the J2SI pilot program, the J2SI Phase 2 program aimed to address chronic homelessness in Melbourne by facilitating rapid access to housing and sustaining that housing over time. In addition, the J2SI program sought improved health and wellbeing outcomes, increased social and economic participation, and increased capacity for independence. In short, the J2SI Phase 2 program aimed to improve social inclusion outcomes for those experiencing chronic homelessness. 

This report presents the outcomes achieved by participants in the J2SI Phase 2 research study over the 2016-2019 time period. The report also presents an economic analysis of the J2SI Phase 2 program, comparing the cost of delivering the program against the impact of the program on government costs arising from participant interaction with the health and justice systems.

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