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The Northern Territory government has released their multicultural policy for 2020-25, which aims to drive more positive outcomes for the migrant and multicultural community in the Northern Territory.

Designed through public consultation and discussions with key service providers and members of the multicultural community, the four key policy pillars include:

  • Building Our Diversity to enhance the Territory’s population by supporting and promoting settlement in the Northern Territory.
  • Strengthening Our Partnerships with a range of stakeholders, to ensure people from multicultural communities have the services and support they need.
  • Supporting Participation, Social Inclusion and Cohesion in Our Community to enable the multicultural community to engage in all aspects of life in the Northern Territory, including employment.
  • Strengthening Our Community through capacity building, fostering mutual respect and enabling the learning, celebrating and sharing of our cultural diversity.

The policy will build upon current programs, and work to develop new initiatives for the Territory's multicultural community – which will ultimately lead to greater social cohesion and positive participation in the social, economic and civic life of the Northern Territory.


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