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Reopening Queensland after COVID-19

Recommendations from McKell Institute’s ‘Reopening Queensland’ roundtable discussion
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McKell Queensland was pleased to host an economic roundtable focused on Re-opening the Queensland Economy on June 12.

The roundtable brought together key economic leaders from around the state, including major corporations employing many thousands of people across a range of sectors, unions representing private and public sector workers, industry peaks and leading company directors.

Queensland economic leaders pivoted quickly to the COVID-19 environment with remarkable success. As we worked through the restricted environment, thinking across sectors has turned not just to how to transition back to business as usual but to what kind of Queensland economy we want to build in the future.

This period of reflection creates an opportunity for corporatist, cooperative leadership.

The Queensland themes were notably different from those raised in other states. Here, the economy remains regionalised and diversified ; with established traditional strengths in resources and agriculture having survived the crisis well while others, notably the higher education sector, having experienced significant disruption and transitioned rapidly to digital delivery modes which will now likely become a permanent fixture.

Tourism and hospitality have suffered significant harm. Industry leaders in these sectors are now hopeful that government initiatives like JobKeeper will be sustained as a domestic economic reopening takes place.

The paper draws together the key points of consensus raised in the Queensland discussion.

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