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The Future Grid Homes project aimed to identify best practice household engagement for the Future Grid.

The purpose of this engagement is to improve households’ trust, participation in demand management, and adoption of new energy technologies (e.g. solar PV and battery storage) intended to support affordability and reliability objectives for residential energy consumers.

This report is presented in two parts: An Engagement Strategy and Background Research Report summarising the project’s research findings that inform the Strategy. For a full analysis of Stage 1 household research findings refer to the project’s interim report.

The Future Grid Homes Engagement Strategy responds to this unpredictable, fast-changing and differentiated environment. It recognises that any engagement strategy for the Future Grid needs to be flexible and adaptable to different scenarios and possibilities, and that a ‘one size fits all’ approach is neither possible nor desirable. Further, it recognises that many households are already engaging with energy in ways that extend beyond its role as a market commodity.

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