Families in Australia Survey: life during COVID-19 - report no.1

Early findings
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The Life during COVID-19 survey ran from May 1 to June 9 2020 and had 7,306 participants from around Australia. It was the first survey in the Families in Australia Survey series. The findings in this report are drawn from the first analyses of the survey data.

Key findings:

  • The proportion of people always working from home rose from 7% before COVID-19 to 60% during it.
  • Before COVID-19, 30% of families used parent-only care. That rose to 64% of families during COVID-19.
  • While parents worked from home, 40% always or often 'actively' cared for children during work.
  • Almost half (43%) of respondents reported they or their partner had lost employment, reduced hours or wages. However 65% reported no real change to their personal income.
  • Young adults were disproportionately impacted by the economic downturn, being almost four times (15% vs 4%) more likely to ask for help from government or NGOs.


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