Family and domestic violence is devastating families and communities across Western Australia at alarming rates. It has serious and often ongoing impacts on women’s health including injuries, homicide and poor mental health, and exposes children and young people to trauma that can impact them for the rest of their lives.

While government leadership is critical, they cannot hope to achieve long-term success without community support and participation.

The strategy has been informed by data analysis, research, consultations across Western Australia, and work with experts from government, academia and the specialist family and domestic violence sector.

The framework for change has four focus areas:

  1. work with Aboriginal people to strengthen Aboriginal family safety
  2. act immediately to keep people safe and hold perpetrators to account
  3. grow primary prevention to stop family and domestic violence
  4. reform systems to prioritise safety, accountability and collaboration.

The strategy is supported by three action plans that set out what needs to be done to achieve the long-term vision of all Western Australian’s living free from family and domestic violence.

The First Action Plan will run from July 2020- June 2022, with an initial focus on actions to address significant impact of COVID-19 on family and domestic violence in Western Australia.

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