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Behind the scenes: drivers of arts and cultural policy settings in Australia and beyond

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This report draws on 70 years of Australian and international arts, cultural and creative policies.

The report unpacks four policy drivers that have been found to be the most significant influences on arts, cultural and creative policies, globally, for the last 70 years. They are:

  1. Collective identity
  2. Reputation building
  3. Social improvement
  4. Economic contribution

The report identifies some key opportunities for action in this area, including:

  • Creating a National Arts and Culture Plan, in the same vein as the existing ‘Sport 2030’ National Sport Plan, that identifies the enduring and non-partisan principles and responsibilities that could inform more coherent arts and cultural policy settings and investment at all three levels of government.
  • Prioritise incentives, requirements and schemes that support collective identity-building through the production and distribution of diverse Australian content that will help to build a unified national identity and represent Australia to the world.
  • Consider the value of a whole-of-government creative industries approach to cultural policy that will strategically connect arts and culture to  innovation outcomes in the broader creative economy.
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