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Domestic and family violence is an endemic issue in our community. Its prevalence and consequences are well-documented. Characterised by a pattern of power and control, it is a manifestation of gender inequality where victims are overwhelmingly women. It harms individuals, families and our social fabric. It also impacts our workplaces.

Over the past five years, Male Champions of Change has worked with a range of experts to learn how to support people in our workplaces who have experienced domestic and family violence or who are supporting friends or family members experiencing domestic and family violence. Over 70% of our organisations now have clear approaches in place to do this with many others in the process of doing so.

However, comprehensive workplace responses to domestic and family violence should also include responses to employees who use domestic and family violence.

This is a challenging and sensitive area for employers – to balance accountability and support for employees who use domestic and family violence – while ensuring that the safety of the person experiencing domestic and family violence is always paramount.

This toolkit is a resource which offers guidance on managing situations where an employee has (or is alleged to have) used domestic and family violence. It is not designed to be prescriptive, nor to provide a comprehensive response to every situation. Instead, it draws upon evidence, an informed understanding of people who use domestic and family violence, and experiences within some Male Champions of Change member organisations. The common themes and principles can be used by organisations as a guide in developing their own approaches.

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