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Many construction enterprises in the world are practicing lean construction and benefiting from it. China, with a big construction industry, has promoted lean concepts in recent years, but there are still obstacles in practice. The aim of this study therefore is to introduce a Chinese construction company, demonstrating some the most successful lean construction outcomes in China. A case study approach is used with whole process of the project's implementation being tracked. Data are collected from interviews, meetings and statistics. The study shows that three important aspects collaboration lead to the success of lean construction implementation. Relationships among culture, standardization and informatization are explored. The study recommends a lean culture frame of employee value and customer value integration and incentives providing. Standardization is employed as Work structuring tool to provide operability and offer the foundation to informatization. Last Planner®system (LPS) practice is aided by an hour level precision control to improve efficiency. This research presents a case for improving lean construction effectiveness in Chinese context.

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