The Inquiry Panel into the City of Perth is the largest, most complex and most extensive inquiry so far conducted in Western Australia under the Local Government Act 1995 (LG Act) or its predecessors.

Like similar inquiries which have preceded it, this inquiry is concerned with the failure to provide good government, the reasons for that failure and what can and should be done in the future to ensure good government.

As the state’s capital city, the local government of the city should be a model of good government. It should set the benchmark for other local governments in the state.

Unfortunately, the suspension of the City of Perth Council, the establishment of this Inquiry and this Inquiry’s findings tell a very different story.

Case studies and findings highlight:

  • councillors and candidates using sham leases to become eligible to stand for election;
  • decisions on planning matters not based on planning considerations;
  • lack of disclosure of financial interests by most councillors;
  • excessive use of dining room by councillors for family and friends;
  • councillors using their position to advance personal business interests;
  • focus on specific events for the allocation of grants, sponsorships and tickets; and
  • a range of issues with the city's administration - poor management, lack of financial management and planning, and procurement and contracting issues.
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