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This paper is the July 2020 issue of the NEEA Report, with data relating to electricity in the National Electricity Market updated to the end of June 2020.

Being the last issue for the 2019-20 financial year, this issue presents a series of new graphs, showing the progress, since the start of the NEM, in the transition from coal to wind and solar generation. There are also graphs showing the steady decline in utilisation of the stock of coal fired power station, measured by falling average capacity factors.

Key points:

  • NSW & Queensland are increasing renewable uptake through Renewable Energy Zones and CleanCo (respectively) and reducing the usage of coal fired power stations.
  • In Victoria and South Australia coal-fired energy generation has fallen from 72% to 53% since 2016, while total renewable share has grown to just under 33%.
  • In NSW & Queensland, the transition from coal to renewables has progressed only half as far as southern states, with total renewable share reaching just 16%.
  • The annual emissions intensity over 2019-20 of the NEM has decreased by more than 25% below the historic maximum (in 2008).
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