Victorian Government response to the Victorian competition and efficiency commission’s final report

23 Aug 2012

The Victorian Government welcomes Unlocking Victorian Tourism, the final report of the Victorian Competition and Efficiency Commission’s (VCEC) Inquiry into the Victorian tourism industry. The tourism industry makes a valuable contribution to employment and the economy in Victoria.
Tourism has grown in Victoria over the past decade, as has Victoria’s share of the total Australian tourism market. There is a need, however, to better support tourism growth in regional Victoria. Most forecasts indicate that Asia, and most notably China, will drive future tourism growth in Victoria. Traditionally, tourists from Asia spend most of their time in Melbourne. These factors combined are likely to place greater pressure on the regional tourism sector.
Regulatory impediments to the supply of tourism services can inhibit the industry’s capacity to respond and adapt to this highly competitive market. Increasing Victoria’s competitiveness and economic prosperity will require an ongoing effort to ensure that regulation is not unnecessarily stifling the sector. The VCEC concluded that the current regulatory setting for the management of public and private land is constraining regional Victoria’s response to the challenges it faces.
The Victorian Government will make changes to the land-use planning system and the management of public lands to ensure the tourism sector can respond and grow in an appropriate way. The Government supports the key recommendations from the VCEC report, including all of the land-use planning and the management and use of public lands recommendations. The Government’s response supports 10 recommendations in full, four in principle, one in part, refers one recommendation to the Taxi Industry Inquiry for its consideration, and notes that one recommendation has been superseded.

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