The Ethics Index surveys more than 1,000 people with various political and socioeconomic backgrounds about their perceptions of ethical issues and conduct.  This is the fourth year of the study. This year's results found that the Australian society is operating at a ‘somewhat ethical’ level.

This study contains detail of different sectors, organisations, occupations, issues and influences, inviting meaningful comparison between the various components, and consequently, an evaluation of performances. The insights lead the reader to start asking questions that warrant additional detailed investigation.

This research was conceived by C3 Content and is conducted by independent global market research firm Ipsos in October 2019. The sample size of around 1,000 was drawn from across the country and spanned the political spectrum. This fourth annual study has been extended to include questions regarding climate change, renewable energy and artificial intelligence.

High-level results 

Action on climate change

  • Nine in ten Australians want the Federal Government to take action on climate change, and a similar number say organisations must also take action — even if it impacts profits and job losses.
  • The study also found that 53% of people believe Australia has an urgent ethical obligation to transition to renewable energy.

Nurses, paramedics and firefighters are seen to be the most ethical

  • When all occupations across all industries measured by the index are amalgamated, the most highly rated ethical professions are ambulance services, nurses and fire services, while federal politicians are seen to be the most unethical, followed closely by state politicians and real estate agents.
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