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Briefing paper

This paper contextualises Australia’s National Research Organisation for Women’s Safety’s (ANROWS’s) research on the close links between imprisonment and domestic and family violence (DFV) and sexual violence. These links are poorly understood, but are crucial in addressing cycles of violence/imprisonment, and providing support services to women who have experienced both violence and imprisonment. The paper is not intended to add to literature addressing lived experience and realities of prison; rather, it draws together existing ANROWS research and recent practice evidence that supports a coherent response to supporting women affected by imprisonment and DFV and/or sexual violence.

Key issues:

  • There are well-established links between women’s experiences of domestic, family and sexual violence and imprisonment
  • Provision of accessible, affordable housing is fundamental to addressing both DFV and imprisonment
  • Women in prison who have experienced DFV and/or sexual violence require holistic, consistent care
  • Increasing judicial understanding of DFV and sexual violence is imperative to fair implementation of sentencing policies
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ANROWS Insights 03/2020