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In recent years, several cases of questionable practice in the processing of building permits in Norway have been revealed. Meanwhile, authorities claim the risk of corruption associated with the processing of building permits is more obvious than before. This study investigates the size of the opportunity space for questionable practice in the processing of building permits. Questionable practice includes both illegal practice in the form of corruption and legal, but unethical practice. Further, this paper examines if the opportunity space is being exploited, before suggesting countermeasures. A greater predictability in the processing could increase the Lean Construction and reduce costs. A literature review and seven interviews with caseworkers and heads of departments in five municipalities in Norway were conducted. The study is limited to the examined municipalities. The results show that the processing of building permits is based on great responsibility delegated to the caseworkers and that there is a certain opportunity space. However, this space is not being exploited in the examined municipalities. Measures, e.g. implementing a new processing system, are anyhow proposed.

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