Discussion paper

Discussion paper: Organisations funding program review

30 May 2012

This paper is designed to stimulate discussion and provide a framework for submissions by interested organisations and individuals on the issues arising from Arts Victoria’s Organisations Funding Program Review.
It provides a range of ideas on future directions for the Program, taking into account the consultation and analysis to date. Some of the ideas presented and questions raised may be contradictory and some may overlap. They are included to cover the wide range of considerations underpinning the design of a new funding program and hopefully will prompt your thinking and ideas to feed in to this process.
Arts Victoria’s Organisations Funding Program is 30 years old and has contributed significantly to the creation of a vibrant and stable Victorian arts sector. However the downside of this stability has been the creation of a relatively fixed portfolio of funded organisations, the majority of whom have been receiving funding for more than 15 years. There is considerable interest in newer companies having access to multi-year funding.
The current one size fits all approach to funding doesn’t take account of the diversity of organisations that make up Victoria’s arts sector today, and makes it difficult to respond to a changing environment, changing government priorities or sector needs. While the role of the Program has evolved incrementally over the past three decades, this is the first time it has been comprehensively reviewed to ensure it meets the needs of the sector and represents value for the Victorian people.

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