What challenges researchers face during COVID-19 and what are the key opportunities for research offices and libraries to support scholarship at higher education institutions?

This report presents findings from a survey of 300+ researchers across a range of disciplines and 100+ senior members of research offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

Key findings:

Funding remains the top priority: A lack of time and resources continues to be a key challenge to obtaining high quality funding opportunities amongst researchers and research office members. COVID-19 has exacerbated this, with fewer opportunities in certain disciplines and less resources available to bid for opportunities.

Showcasing expertise is hindered by data systems: While this is a key priority, a substantial proportion of staff in the research office do not have a research portal to access and showcase publication data. Meanwhile, researchers lack the time to keep their profiles up to date over an ever-increasing number of systems.

Citations are a necessary evil when measuring impact: Researchers are increasingly frustrated by citation-based metrics. Researchers and research office staff say there are better ways to measure impact, but compiling data in a timely manner is a challenge. Researchers want more nuanced measures, which are suitable across all disciplines and reflect the social impact of their work.

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