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PhillipsKPA was commissioned to undertake background research to support the Higher Education Standards Panel’s (HESP) consideration of the adequacy of the regulatory framework for academic credit pathways in higher education.

PhillipsKPA were asked to examine the extent to which current regulation provides – or is capable of delivering – an equitable foundation for credit arrangements for students across the higher education sector. The research was undertaken in the context of the AQF Review which, as part of its remit was examining whether any change is needed to the AQF Qualifications Pathways Policy (AQFPP).

The brief had three broad points of reference:

  • Effectiveness – Assess the current regulatory frameworks’ effectiveness in facilitating access to academic credit and in managing the assessment and awarding of academic credit.
  • Common approach – Investigate higher education stakeholders’ views on the need for a consistent, common or complementary approach to credit recognition.
  • Guidance material – Identify the range of policy or guidance material necessary to ensure higher education providers are equipped to deliver the expectations embodied in the Standards (HESF Threshold Standards), including any future AQF policies or guidance.
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