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Families in Australia Survey: life during COVID-19 - report no.5

What we did during lockdown
COVID-19 Recreation Families Australia

Each family has had their own unique experience of the COVID-19 restrictions and lockdown. One area particularly affected by the restrictions was our leisure time, outside of school, work and other responsibilities. Stay-at-home directives and the loss of usual forms of recreation meant many of our usual activities were closed, and many of us had to find new ways to spend our spare time.

In this report, we look at how COVID-19 affected our recreational and 'spare time' activities. We explore how we spent time with our family as well as how we spent time alone and with others.

The survey was conducted from May to early June 2020. Depending on when people did the survey in this period and where they live, some responses are from those who were less restricted in their activity options.

Key findings:

  • The most popular activity we spent more time doing was watching TV and movies (51%). This was particularly true of young adults under 30 (68%).
  • The second activity we were most likely to spend more time on was baking or doing art and craft (46%). This was especially true for both women and people with children.
  • Those who were working from home were most likely to increase time on shared meals and exercise. Stopping work during this time was associated with increased time learning a new language, hobby or skill and arts, craft and baking.
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