The National Skills Commission (NSC) has developed a data-driven approach to identify emerging occupations within Australia. By identifying emerging skills and looking at how these skills change existing jobs, we are able to identify emerging or new jobs in the labour market.

By monitoring emerging jobs along with other information sources on Australia’s labour market, the work of the NSC can help ensure Australians are equipped with the right tools and skills for emerging jobs, and help build the skilled, resilient and adaptable workforce we need now, and for years to come.

Emerging occupations are defined as new, frequently advertised jobs which are substantially different to occupations already defined in the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO) – such as data scientist and data analyst. As such, to compile our list we considered data from the time period following the last ANZSCO review in 2013.

The NSC has identified and validated 25 emerging occupations within seven categories in the Australian labour market. This list is not considered exhaustive, and the NSC will continue to monitor and analyse emerging trends. An advantage of our approach is access to real time internet job advertisement data using Burning Glass Technologies, which will allow us to pick up occupations in emerging fields like blockchain, nanotechnology, quantum computing and the internet of things as soon as the employer demand for these skills increases.

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