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Executive Summary

1. Strengthening agency integrity and building corruption resistance requires effective strategies to prevent and detect corruption.

2. Law enforcement agencies have an inherently high exposure to corruption risk, and these risks will vary between agencies, according to the activities undertaken and the integrity frameworks established to mitigate corruption vulnerability.

3. ACLEI and AUSTRAC partnered to undertake a self-assessment of the development of AUSTRAC’s integrity maturity since transitioning to ACLEI’s jurisdiction in 2013. Integrity maturity is particularly important for AUSTRAC given the combination of their external regulatory role and the need to manage internal integrity.

4. The aim of the project was twofold: to identify opportunities for the continued development of AUSTRAC’s integrity maturity, in the context of AUSTRAC’s corruption risk environment; and for ACLEI to test a set of integrity assessment tools that could be replicated and used within the broader environment.

5. This report provides a summation of AUSTRAC’s strategic corruption risk environment and the development of its integrity framework to date. It also considers a proposed action plan or roadmap to assist AUSTRAC to transition to its desired integrity maturity state.

6. The report provides a clear prioritisation model for the continued development of detection mechanisms, reducing opportunities for corrupt conduct, and reinforcing organisational standards as areas of focus. The report is a corruption prevention product, designed to foster anti-corruption expertise and strengthen corruption resistance

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