Children held on remand in Victoria: a report on sentencing outcomes

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The number of unsentenced children held in custody (on remand) on an average day in Victoria more than doubled between 2010 and 2019, from 48 to 99. To date, published research in Victoria has not examined case outcomes for children who are remanded while awaiting trial. This report fills that gap.

Examining outcomes for remanded children is important because it can help policymakers identify which children may be ideally targeted by initiatives to help them avoid the pre-trial custodial experience. Being arrested, remanded or sentenced to detention all increase the risk that a child will commit further offences, not only damaging the child’s future but also increasing their risk to the community. To that end, this report identifies all children held on remand in Victoria in a single financial year (2017–18) and tracks their cases to finalisation. The primary aim is to identify how many children receive a custodial sentence and how many do not.

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