The Western Australian government has released this first, Whole of System plan, which provides a 20-year outlook on the future of the state's main electricity system – the South West Interconnected System (SWIS).

The plan models four scenarios detailing how changes in demand, technology, and the economy, may shape the way people use electricity, and guide the investments the government will make over the coming decades. Western Australia has lacked a single view of the power system, with network and generation planning completed separately. The Whole of System plan has been developed to fill this gap.


  • The modelling reveals renewable generation is expected to triple by 2040, with a strong uptake in wind power. Rooftop solar will continue to displace traditional forms of generation.
  • Battery storage will also play a big part in our future, helping stabilise the system as well as unlocking new markets.
  • Renewable energy sources, including the 300,000 households with rooftop solar, account for over 20 per cent of the annual electricity generated in the SWIS.
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