The West Australian Indigenous storybook: celebrating and sharing good news stories

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This Storybook celebrates the achievement of Indigenous people (and in some stories non-Indigenous people) across Western Australia and acknowledges the contributions they have made to improving health and social wellbeing, focusing on the Perth and Peel regions.

It is very easy to find negative stories and facts about Indigenous communities and populations. Developing this Storybook is one small strategy to try to change this. Each of the 13 stories in this book are positive – they share successes, discuss local champions and role models, explain how Indigenous culture is being maintained and promoted and illustrate how health and social outcomes are inextricably linked. The topics covered by the stores are diverse and include sport, music and theatre, community wellbeing, culture and health. These stories reflect the traditional Indigenous perspectives of health as being holistic and encompassing everything important in a person’s life, including land, environment, physical body, community, relationships and law.

The Public Health Advocacy Institute of WA (PHAIWA) believes that a Storybook is not only a terrific way to celebrate achievements within Indigenous communities but is also a creative way to disseminate and share information about what might work in other communities. PHAIWA hopes that after reading these stories, other Indigenous organisations, communities or individuals will be motivated and stimulated to tailor or replicate the ideas within their own spheres of influence.

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