Discussion paper

Victoria's planning zones are being reformed to ensure that they are still relevant and adequately reflect the aspirations of all Victorians.


The zone reforms seek to:

  • simplify requirements
  • allow a broader range of activities to be considered
  • improve the range of zones to better manage growth.

What is changing?

The reforms propose to:

Delete nine existing zonesCreate five new zonesAmend 12 existing zonesResidential 1 Zone
Residential 2 Zone
Residential 3 Zone
Business 1 Zone
Business 2 Zone
Business 3 Zone
Business 4 Zone
Business 5 Zone
Priority Development ZoneResidential Growth Zone
General Residential Zone
Neighbourhood Residential Zone
Commercial 1 Zone
Commercial 2 ZoneLow Density Residential Zone
Mixed Use Zone
Township Zone
Rural Living Zone
Green Wedge Zone
Green Wedge A Zone
Rural Conservation Zone
Farming Zone
Rural Activity Zone
Industrial 1 Zone
Industrial 2 Zone
Industrial 3 Zone


Find out more about the zone reforms:

View the proposed zones at:

Providing comment

The Government is seeking your comment to help finalise the reformed zones.

Please open the online form to make your comments. 

Comments must be received by 5.00 p.m. on Friday, 21 September 2012.

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