Crime statistics 2011/2012

Crime Australia Victoria

The Victorian Police crime statistics for the 2011 - 2012 time period. In 2011/2012, Victoria Police recorded 391,325 offences state-wide. This was an increase of 8.2% from the number of offences recorded in 2010/2011. The 2011/2012 crime rate per 100,000 population was 7020.0, an increase of 6.8% compared with 2010/2011. This is the first time that the annual crime rate has risen since 2000/2001. However, the crime rate in 2011/2012 is still significantly lower than in past years. Over the last ten financial years, the crime rate per 100,000 population has decreased by 18.4%. The total number of recorded offences has decreased by 7.0% over the same period. Of the 391,325 offences recorded during 2011/2012, 168,200 were cleared within the same financial year. A further 34,054 offences which had been recorded in previous years were also cleared in 2011/12. This gives a total clearance rate of 51.7% (0.5 percentage points higher than the total clearance rate recorded in 2010/2011). Victoria Police has changed its method of calculating clearance rates this year, in accordance with recommendations made by the Office of Police Integrity in the Report of investigation into Victoria Police crime records and statistical reporting (May 2011). Please see Appendix 2 for further details on these changes. While total offences increased by 8.2%, Victoria Police processed 10.6% more offenders compared with 2010/2011. A total of 178,897 alleged offenders were processed in 2011/2012. In 2011/2012, 208,100 persons were recorded as victims of total crime, an increase of 6.2% from 2010/2011. Of these, 46,807 were victims of crime against the person (e.g. homicides, rapes or assaults). This was an increase of 14.1% on the previous year. There were also 77,676 business victims of crime recorded in 2011/2012.

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