Enhancing positive social outcomes from wind farm development

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This report aims to provide a ‘snapshot’ of current community engagement and benefit sharing practices in Australian wind farms. It provides an evidence base and recommendations for improving social outcomes from wind development for communities, regulators and developers. The report is presented within the context of a complex operating environment for wind development in Australia – one that is highly contingent on local and policy context, resourcing and individual and company capacities and attitudes to community engagement.

Key recommendations:

  • Community engagement approaches should include a diversity of practices sustained over time throughout the life of the development, and feature staff who are based in the community (ideally existing locals who are recognised and respected in the communities and upskilled in community engagement)
  • Community engagement should involve ways for community input to influence decision-making and ways for outcomes to be reported back to communities. Community engagement can be considered as involving relationship building, information and education, input and feedback.
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