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Since 1995, the Queensland Government and key South East Queensland local governments have identified that active transport must be a key driver of sustainable urban growth.

A range of strong policies have been developed and in recent years, Queensland has had the best funding record of any state in the nation.

Still, active transport mode share remains stubbornly low with between 4 and 9.9% of all trips taken by walking and cycling.

This paper seeks to delve into those concerning trends. It examines active transport policy in Queensland in a number of parts presenting:

  • The case for active transport on health, environmental and economic grounds
  • An overview of active transport policy in Queensland and Australia
  • A synopsis of best case active transport cities around the world, and
  • The imperative — with COVID-19 and the rise of e-bikes seeing commuters shift to cycling in record numbers.

The paper argues that we are sitting in the midst of an active transport revolution, one that can be made permanent with the adoption of a bold and determined new policy approach.

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