The 2020 Jean Hailes Women’s Health Survey is the sixth annual survey implemented nationally by the organisation to better understand the health experiences, needs and behaviours of women living in Australia.

The survey aimed to:

  1. Examine perceived gaps in women’s health information as identified by women themselves.
  2. Identify and understand future health needs of women living in Australia as identified by women themselves.
  3. Explore and describe current health experiences and behaviours of women in Australia.

The survey respondent sample was largely English-speaking university-educated women who were born in Australia (further demographic information is provided on pages 10 to 14). The sample was weighted for age and education to be more representative of the national population; however, the smaller number of respondents who identified as being from a culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) background or Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander means that the sample is not reflective of the full diversity of the population and should therefore be interpreted with caution, as they likely underestimate the full experience of women’s health issues across the population. This may be especially true of the results on women’s experiences during COVID, as it has been reported that CALD women especially have been significantly impacted by the pandemic.

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