Analysis of value creation in Australia through agricultural exports: playing to advantages

Value creation Agriculture Exports Australia

Australian agriculture has benefited significantly from its historical focus on exports of raw agricultural and minimally transformed products. Australia’s focus on these products has likely created more value for the Australian economy than would have been available from a focus on more processed products.

As we look ahead, market access, responding to emerging consumer preferences and access to imported inputs will continue to be important for maintaining value creation along with accessing new opportunities across the value chain. A key feature of the value creation landscape will be the ability to competitively trade on product attributes, such as those related to food safety and quality. In future, while new opportunities for value creation may arise downstream of agriculture, it will be crucial to take full advantage of value creation opportunities associated with trade in raw and minimally processed products, including by using digital technologies to engage customers, highlight product attributes, and communicate a compelling customer value proposition.

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ABARES Insights Issue 11, 2020