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Conference paper

The construction sector is considered one of the largest resource consumers on the planet and one of the main productive sectors of the economy. This scenario justifies the study of the flow of materials used in the construction, from the systematization of its processes, to reduce waste and improve the processes involved. This research aims to develop a simulation model of a residential building sand supply chain with the application of the delay meter and its monetary impacts on the enterprise. The impact of delays in the flow of the supply chain was analyzed and verified through a series of simulations. The application of the Lean Construction principles and the possibilities of theoretical simulation with the use of the solutions proposed by the researchers stand out. The proposed model demonstrates the impacts arising from delays in the delivery of materials, leading to the stoppage of teams and the accumulation of work. This scenario leads to the delay in the delivery of the project or the need to increase the team to achieve the productivity rates necessary to mitigate the existing delays. The model structure used in this study has potential for implementation in other construction supply chains.

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