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Trends & issues in crime and criminal justice no. 532
2 Jun 2017

This study supports previous findings that diversion for minor cannabis offences can save money and lead to better social consequences.


19 Mar 2014

This study uses data on patterns of drug user consumption and purchasing to evaluate Australian legal threshold quantities to see whether Australian drug users are at risk of exceeding the thresholds for personal use alone.


Drug trafficking in Australia is deemed...


27 Feb 2012

This paper provides a list of key events, policy and legislative changes that have occurred in Australia between 1985 and September 2012. Events are listed by jurisdiction, at the national and state/territory level.

All events added in the last six months are highlighted in...


28 Sep 2010

News media ought to be recognised as one of the factors that can affect attitudes towards and demand for illicit drugs and there is an opportunity to expand use of news media to shape youth attitudes to drugs.

This research funded by the Commonwealth...

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