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Conference paper

Contractors use diverse methodologies and software that require more working hours just to synchronize all the data related to cost, schedule and quantities, the most widespread methodologies are CPM and BIM models. However, the use CPM does not provide the tools to control the project with the current production status. The use of 5D BIM models (integrated quantities, cost and schedules) and flow lines (scheduling system from the Location-Based Management System) are proposed as more effective methods, these allow the contractor to automate and improve their scheduling and controlling processes. These methodologies were implemented in the planning process of the foundations and structure stage of a complex building, then compared to the methods used by the contractor (CPM, 3D and 4D models). Choosing by Advantages (CBA), a system that supports sound decision-making using comparisons among advantages of alternatives, was used to compare the methods mentioned, then a total of three alternatives and eight factors were evaluated by the researchers and contractor. The use of 5D models and flowlines were found to be the best alternative, some factors that stand out are scheduling with an effective Lean Production system, synergy with Earn value reports, and automation in quantities and scheduling.

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