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Media misses the point of inquiry into anti‑vilification protections

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The response by national mainstream media to a report tabled last week by the Victorian anti vilification protections inquiry, completely missed the point and instead there were sensational headlines of Nazi Swastika banned or Nazi flags banned.

The report which produced 36 recommendations, came about after months of contributions by organisations and personal testimonies from groups including Muslim, African, Jewish communities, LGBTQI, Disability, and faith based groups throughout the country.

Media is a powerful and political instrument in Australia's national landscape and the response by mainstream media to the tabling of the recommendations from the Inquiry into Anti Racial Vilification protections, sought to fit its ground breaking recommendations to broaden access and responses to racism into a narrow racist trope. Nazis and right wing extremism received the focus.

Sensational reporting of Proud Boys empowers them. Without such reporting they exist mostly on the edges of society.  Neglecting to report on the ‘polite’ racism and discrimination faced by marginalised groups every day empowers the white colonialist system in Australia to continue. 

Read the full article at IndigenousX.

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