The Business Council believes the Commonwealth Government’s timeline for vaccinating Australians provides a pathway to sequence the lifting of domestic restrictions. It allows us to remove restrictions in line with the vaccine roll-out, including a staged and careful approach to international borders.

Restrictions should be eased subject to coverage of the population, the efficacy of the vaccine and our ongoing understanding of its effects, particularly regarding transmission. We will also need to consider other factors such as the timing of doses, the impact of vaccines on new variants and the distribution of the vaccine.

Australia’s economic recovery is gaining pace but there is much to do. Consumer and business confidence will increase with a nationally consistent and easily understood approach to managing the virus while vaccines are rolled out. In turn, this will maintain our economic momentum.

Targeted support will still be crucial for sectors affected by ongoing border restrictions, particularly businesses using skilled migration, businesses relying on international visitors and educational institutions catering to international students.

This document provide three clear steps to reopen the country:

  1. Safely reopen Australia using best practice to drive national consistency, aligned with the vaccine roll-out
  2. Gradually change the public health narrative
  3. Continue targeted support for businesses that remain affected by government restrictions and/or international border closures
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