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Working paper

The unwinding of Gonksi - Part 3: Morrison abandons needs-based funding

Catholic schools Independent schools School funding Government schools Australia

This paper provide a comprehensive review of how the Morrison Government completed the demolition of the Gonski school funding model begun by the Abbott Government and continued by the Turnbull Government. The Morrison Government cut a peace deal with the Catholic Church to provide a huge funding boost for Catholic schools by adopting a highly flawed method of determining their financial need and by other increases in funding for Catholic and Independent schools not based on need. Public schools were denied a similar increase.

Instead, the Government conspired with state governments to massively defraud public schools through new bilateral funding agreements that ensure public schools will be under-funded indefinitely. The Morrison Government has rejected improving equity in education as the policy priority in school funding and returned to giving priority to funding school choice, a policy that has always favoured private schools.


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