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In recent years, many of the world’s energy regulators have been placing a sharper focus on ensuring that they are performing at an optimal level. This search for the best possible performance is driven by challenges that many regulators face arising from climate change, advancements in new technology, increasing customer expectations and diminished trust in government institutions. 

This report concludes phase one of the Top Quartile Regulator project, which is an initiative designed to move the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) towards regulatory excellence by taking action on the recommendations of the OEB Modernization Review Panel. The report summarizes research that was conducted on best practices and ideas from other jurisdictions, examines areas where the OEB should improve its performance and provides a series of proposed initiatives designed to enhance the OEB’s performance in those areas to the level required of a top quartile regulator. 

A number of consistent themes emerged from the research. Expanded in the report, these are:

  • Best Practice
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Ongoing Staff and Commissioner Development and Engagement with a Community of Practice
  • Genuine Engagement of Stakeholders in the Business of Regulation 
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