Management of Australia’s air combat capability—F/A-18 hornet and super hornet fleet upgrades and sustainment

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This audit examines the upgrade and sustainment of the Royal Australian Air Force’s (RAAF’s) fleet of 71 F/A‐18A/B Hornet aircraft and the sustainment of 24 F/A‐18F Super Hornet aircraft. These aircraft form the basis of the RAAF’s air combat and airborne ground‐attack capability, and are to be replaced by F‐35 Lightning II aircraft to be acquired from the United States Department of Defense by the Australian Department of Defence’s (Defence’s) AIR 6000 New Air Combat Capability project.
The F‐35 acquisition arrangements, and progress achieved by the F‐35 aircraft development and production phases, are the subject of a companion audit, ANAO Audit Report No.6 2012–13, Management of Australia’s Air Combat Capability—F‐35A Joint Strike Fighter Acquisition, 27 September 2012.

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