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Cancelling the culture: Critical Theory and the chasm of incoherence

Racism Activism Freedom of speech Political campaigns Culture Australia

Critical Theory exerts a significant intellectual hold on the formation of policy and the conduct of discourse in the Australian public sphere. In its essential form, Critical Race Theory holds that there are many biases and imbalances of power in society which are hidden from view by dominant cultural structures, such as use of language and the ways in which knowledge is imparted. These structures are deemed ‘problematic’ and need to be identified, exposed, and overturned in the name of social justice.

The influence of Critical Theory upon the language, culture and institutions of Australia threatens to erode our liberal traditions of tolerance and liberty. This danger is expressed in a sustained and aggressive activism that has spilled out of university campuses and into our schools, businesses, defence forces, the not-for-profit sector, the churches, the medical profession, and much of the media.  From there, it is directed against all the perceived injustices that, together, are deemed to comprise the toxic legacy of imperialist Western civilisations.

This report examines the impact of Critical Race Theory and argues that it is a revolutionary movement intent upon nothing less than the overthrow of secular, liberal democracy.

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