Digital by design: delivering better government services through information and technology - public consultation draft

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This draft strategy provides advice on the future management and use of information and communications technology by government and how the Victorian Government can design and use information and technology to deliver better services.

In June 2012, the Assistant Treasurer established the Victorian Information and Communications Technology Advisory Committee (VICTAC) and tasked it with overseeing the development of a Victorian Government ICT strategy.

The committee is led by an independent chair and includes representatives from the Victorian Government, the ICT industry, and corporate Chief Information Officers (CIOs).

In the development of this draft, VICTAC has sought feedback from within Government and from external advisors, industry stakeholders, and now the public.

The strategy is a work in progress.

The proposed actions, in particular will be further refined.

Following the public consultation period, feedback will be reviewed and incorporated.

The strategy will be presented to Government by December 2012.

The finalisation of the strategy is the first in a series of steps to improve ICT management and use. An implementation phase will follow and be supported by a more detailed implementation plan, necessary governance and organisational structures, funding and ongoing measurement and reporting. VICTAC and Government are well aware of the implementation challenges, and will be considering these over the coming months.

The strategy will be reviewed annually in a cycle of continuous improvement.

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