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The briefing, which draws on insights from the Corporate Leaders Group, looks at the ways the UK’s departure from the EU may impact the UK Government’s ability to deliver ambitious climate policy in the coming years, and incentivise positive action at an international level. It states that in order ‘for the UK to maintain and build on its reputation as a global leader on climate, it must put climate at the centre of its policies, and back bold statements and ambitious agendas with action’.

The briefing outlines some of the ways Brexit could make this task easier or more challenging, exploring climate ambition, regulation, economic leverage, research and innovation, and political influence, as well as recommending next steps. This briefing seeks to act as a discussion starter on the various ways in which the UK’s departure from the EU may impact on the UK’s ability to deliver ambitious and bold climate policy in the coming years, and to incentivise positive action on climate internationally. This covers a number of key areas of EU-UK collaboration, but it does not seek to be an exhaustive overview of the implications of Brexit.

As well as looking at the opportunities for the UK to build on its reputation for climate leadership and how it can use international diplomacy to catalyse increased action by other countries, one of the recommendations is for the UK to identify where there are benefits with close collaboration and linkage to the EU, as the closest large market, and to actively pursue those links – for example connecting emissions trading systems.

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