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Ensuring adequate indexation of Working for Families

2021 series: rethinking income support for children (part 1)
Income support Child poverty Welfare recipients Welfare reform New Zealand

Working for Families (WFF) is the primary income support mechanism for children in New Zealand. In New Zealand’s social security system, benefits are primarily for adults, New Zealand Superannuation (NZ Super) is for the support of older citizens, while Working for Families is for the support of children. The reach of WFF is significant; as of March 2019, roughly 60 percent of all children in NZ were receiving some WFF payment. Children and young people are over-represented among those living in poverty in NZ, therefore it is crucial that WFF income support levels are adequate, and its structures supportive of the goal of eliminating disadvantage for all children.

In this paper, the authors make recommendations for the anticipated WFF government reform.

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