At the request of the Victorian Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change, Lily D’Ambrosio, VEAC has assessed Victoria’s coastal reserves, including their legal status, significant values, and values that are at risk from the impacts of climate change.

The focus of the assessment is on collation and analysis of information to assist the Victorian government’s future planning and decision making for the coast. It does not recommend changes to the current uses of coastal reserves. Nine recommendations are made on ways to assist future planning and management effectiveness.

At a statewide scale climate change, population growth and ageing coastal infrastructure are broadly agreed to be the most significant pressures on marine and coastal environments. VEAC’s consultation for this assessment confirmed the high value the community places on public access to coastal public land. In addition to concerns about the impacts of climate change, VEAC heard that impacts from population growth need to be actively managed to maintain the character of coastal spaces between settlements and to protect coastal environments from pressures relating to increasing visitor numbers.

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