This policy will guide a whole-of-government approach to revitalising pathways to services and programs for senior Territorians.

Four priority areas and a range of actions will provide future direction to address the matters of greatest importance for our ageing population as the demand for services continues to expand. The four priority areas are:

  1. economic participation and financial security;
  2. safety and security;
  3. health and wellbeing; and
  4. social inclusion and diversity.

Features of the policy include:

  • helping older people to remain in the work force while providing a range of services to support the increased cost of living;
  • developing and stimulating private, public and affordable housing for seniors across urban, regional and remote locations;
  • a recreation plan to help people stay healthy and active for as long as possible and initiatives around financial and social resources to maintain connections to family, friends and the community;
  • improving and simplifying access to the NT Concession Scheme and NT Seniors Recognition Scheme.
  • provision of easy-to-understand financial information on superannuation and retirement savings, with Aboriginal people receiving the information in their own language or having access to Aboriginal interpreter services; and 
  • ensuring senior Territorians can access high-quality, culturally-secure preventative healthcare and promoting, and protecting the health and wellbeing of seniors.
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