What's age got to do with it?

A snapshot of ageism across the Australian lifespan
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This report identifies stereotypes, attitudes and beliefs about age that prevail in Australia, and captures some of the ways in which people in Australia understand and experience their impacts.  

The research contributes to an increased community understanding of the age-based myths, stereotypes and misconceptions about younger adult, middle-aged and older Australians, and encourages a wider conversation on ageism in an intergenerational context. 

The deliberate focus is on attitudes about age, rather than the resulting behaviours that can lead to age discrimination. The project involved a national online survey and focus groups.  

The data builds a clear picture of the patterns of ageism across the lifespan in Australia, with 90% of survey respondents agreeing that ageism exists. Over half the survey respondents agreed that making jokes about age is more socially acceptable than making jokes about things like race or gender and two-thirds said it affected people across the lifespan.

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