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Fact Check: Scott Morrison claimed Australia was outperforming other countries with its coronavirus vaccination rollout. Was he correct?

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Having last year promised to put Australia at the front of the global coronavirus vaccination queue, the federal government now finds itself under pressure over the pace of its vaccine rollout.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison this month defended the government's record, claiming Australia had outperformed Germany, New Zealand, South Korea and Japan at the same stage of their vaccination rollouts.

"It is true that at this stage of our rollout, it is actually better than where Germany was, better than where New Zealand was, better than where South Korea and Japan was, and so I think there will be some important context in the weeks ahead as we see the significant ramp up of the distribution network," he said.

How does Australia's vaccine rollout compare? RMIT ABC Fact Check investigates.

The verdict: Mr Morrison's claim is misleading.

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