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This report provides an independent, up-to-date and in-depth analysis of the education, training and work activities of young Australians.

The series provides important information on how successfully our education and training system is working to meet the needs of young Australians as they make the transition from school to further study and work.  This contemporary, point-in-time picture of the learning and earning circumstances of young Australians is also placed in the context of the long-term trends that emerge from looking at changes in educational and labour force participation over the last two to three decades.

How Young People are Faring 2012 has been prepared by Lyn Robinson and Stephen Lamb from the Centre for Research on Education Systems at the University of Melbourne.

The significant story that emerges from HYPAF 2012 is one of a changing landscape of work and learning.

The report shows solid gains in educational attainment , however, the data suggests that we should not become complacent about broader and alternative pathways from school to work, further study and training.

Traditional education pathways are not enough in themselves to help young people enter the world of work. The combination of a changing youth labour market, long-term unemployment and the persistent marginalisation experienced by certain groups reinforces the need to ask: how well are young people prepared for increasingly fluid worlds of work?

Image: merfam / flickr

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