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22 Aug 2018

This project took an iterative, inductive, community-oriented approach to investigate Aboriginal health workers’ (AHWs) cancer understandings and practice needs. This report details the findings and recommendations.

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11 Dec 2015

The media play a key role in promoting the thin ideal. A qualitative study, in which we used in depth interviews and thematic analysis, was undertaken to explore the attitudes of 142 obese individuals toward media portrayals of the thin ideal. Participants discussed the thin...

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5 Nov 2015

News reporting, in channels such as broadcast and print media, on obesity as an issue has increased dramatically in the last decade. A qualitative study, in which we used in-depth interviews and thematic analysis, was undertaken to explore 142 obese individuals’ perceptions of, and responses...

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27 May 2015

This paper examines how Foucault's (1979) concept of the panopticon coexists in a dyadic relationship of social control with the system of the contemporary mass media – the “synopticon” (Mathiesen, 1997), and the relevance and significance of this dyad of social control to public health....


30 Dec 2011

Online in depth interviews were conducted with 29 participants. The interview transcripts were analysed using thematic analysis. All participants believed that online dating was risky in some manner. To manage these risks participants used technology in various ways: to assist them in assessing authenticity and...

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