Horizon report: 2012 higher education edition

Educational evaluation Australia

 This report examines emerging technologies for their potential impact on teaching, learning, and creative inquiry within the higher education environment.

Each of the three global editions of the NMC Horizon Report — higher education, primary and secondary education, and museum education — highlights six emerging technologies or practices that are likely to enter mainstream use with their focus sectors within three adoption horizons over the next five years.
Key trends and challenges that will affect current practice over the same period frame these discussions. Over the course of just a few weeks in the late fall of 2011, the advisory board came to a consensus about the six topics that appear here in the NMC Horizon Report: 2012 Higher Education Edition.The examples and readings under each topic area are meant to provide practical models as well as access to more detailed information. The precise research methodology employed is detailed in the closing section of this report.

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