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The role of alcohol in crime and disorder

23 Oct 2012

Looking into the Australian culture of drinking and the correlations it has with crime numbers. Four out of five Australians aged over 14 years report being recent drinkers and one in five report drinking seven or more drinks on a single occasion at least monthly. 1 Two-thirds (61 per cent) of 18–29-year-olds report consuming alcohol for the purpose of getting drunk.2 The annual cost of alcohol-related harm in Australia is estimated between $15.63 and $36 billion,4 depending on the model used and whether harm to others is included in the model. The personal cost of alcohol-related trauma to many individuals is overwhelming.4 Virtually every type of alcohol-related harm is on the rise in Australia.5 This report provides a review of the literature and statistics related to alcohol consumption and crime and disorder in Australia and Victoria. This paper is part of a ‘suite’ of resources for government (local, state and federal), the justice sector, health professionals and associated agencies. It offers an overview of proven and promising strategies for reducing alcohol-influenced crime and disorder.

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Prevention Research Quarterly August 2012 no.18
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